Having owned 7 different homes, I have come to realize through direct experience that the realtor you use for the buy or sell side is critically important.

Part of the reason for this is that buying and selling a home is a daunting project and experience.  Another part is that the reputation, respect and trust held by your realtor is extremely important.  The realtor on the other side of the transaction (as well as the buyer or seller) needs to feel comfortable and trusting in your realtor.

Quite simply, Bob Bredel is the best, most professional, and most skillful realtor I have ever worked with.  My wife and I were quite impressed with him from the onset.  It helped that Bob is an attorney, formerly with a large and prestigious law firm.  He understands the transaction from multiple dimensions. However, the real proof is in the results.  He created the strategy, approach and presentation which helped us win in a 7 bid situation for the home of our dreams.  The home was in a very sought after area, and there was an outpouring of interest and multiple all cash offers.  We didn’t have all cash or even the highest offer.  We had something better, Bob Bredel on our side.