Bob just had all the answers


First off, just let me be very clear that Bob exceed our expectations in every single way, which is no small accomplishment, as I have been told I am pretty demanding.  I tried to pick out one or two of Bob’s most outstanding qualities, but the fact is, Bob is outstanding in all areas!  From always being available and responding within minutes, to helping prioritize what decisions need to be made when, to providing relevant fact based data to help guide our decisions, Bob just had all the answers.

Most importantly, Bob is not afraid of trying to make the impossible happen, because that is what he did for us.  Specifically, Bob helped us sell our home off market for the price we wanted in under 48 hours, with a contingency on the purchase of a new home.  Here is how our transaction went:

  1. Saturday Night – We called Bob after finding the home we wanted to purchase.
  2. Sunday Morning – The house is shown off market to 6 interested parties.
  3. Monday Afternoon – We accepted an offer on our home.
  4. Wednesday – Our purchase offer is accepted.
  5. 21 days later we closed escrow on the sale of our existing home.
  6. 23 days later we closed escrow on the purchase of our new home.

What makes this so incredible is Bob’s advice on how to purchase the home we wanted to buy.  The whole transaction was based on a strict set of parameters and timing to make it work which were all dependent on the new home purchase process.  Bob’s guidance and innovative out of the box ideas on how to approach the purchase were what was needed to get the transaction completed.

In addition to his sale and purchase expertise, Bob is a full service broker with an amazingly competent staff and a great network of service providers, the broker he referred us was just as outstanding.

Obviously, we can’t say enough about Bob and highly recommend him, you will not be sorry.